Dental Veneers – Do You Really Need To Go For Them

Talking about veneers, most of the people think about them as an enhancement to the cosmetic properties of the teeth. But the matter of fact is that dental veneers can beautifully complement the invasive dental procedures which are done to save the teeth. From cosmetic point of view, dental veneers can be helpful in covering the gaps between the teeth and improving the shape of chipped, cracked and misshapen teeth. The big psychological disadvantage of misshapen teeth is the loss of confidence.

A few things to learn about dental veneers are worth mentioning here.

Making of dental veneers

The primary material used in the making of dental veneers is the porcelain. The pieces of porcelain are molded to form the shells which fit over the teeth improve their appearance.

Types of dental veneers

Generally, there four types of dental veneers. These types are called porcelain veneers, composite veneers, instant veneers and removable veneers. Due to maximum longevity and highest quality, porcelain veneers are considered the best. Porcelain veneers are custom-made as your dentist gets them prepared specifically for your teeth. The second type is composite veneers. The material used in the making of composite veneers is of lower quality as compared to those made of porcelain. Instant veneers are a simple and immediate solution for the ones who want to get the chips on their teeth covered. These are not the custom-made veneers. Moreover, these veneers do not last much longer. Removable veneers are the ones which you can remove from your teeth whenever you want. These are also the custom-made veneers.

Pros and cons

The major disadvantage of dental veneers is that you are going to get your smile restored after having them. Nobody will be able to tell you that you have got a fake front of your teeth to showcase your personality unless you tell them yourself. There is going to be no requirement of special maintenance of veneers. Just regular brushing and flossing are going to be enough to ensure their upkeep. Moreover, you can pick from the wide range of colors while getting veneers. It means that you will be able to get the best match.

The only disadvantage of dental veneers is that these are not your natural teeth. The resultant disadvantage of it is that you will have to be careful while eating because you don’t want to end up getting the veneers chipped. And if you are not quite careful about your natural teeth, the veneers may start looking prominent when your other teeth get discolored.

The bottom line

The final say about dental veneers is that it is a wonderful solution if you want to have a perfect smile. You may have to take care of your teeth by remaining vigilant but it is surely an overall good thing because you will be able to have your smile maintained till the later years of your life. In the end, you need to consult with your dentist first before deciding about going for the veneers.


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